How many pools do you run?

We run only 1 pool. For us, diversity (in pool ownership) is the true root of decentralization.

Are your servers reliable?

100%! Our stake pool is being operated in a very professional manner and is running on cloud servers. The setup is highly secure and uses more relay nodes to make sure it’s well connected with the Cardano network. 

The servers are monitored 24/7 and are highly automated.

Is there any risk in delegation (stake)?

No risk, except that if a pool goes down, you will start getting no rewards, so you need to monitor and make sure you pick a stable pool (both from a functionality perspective and also from a pool fee/cost perspective). This is what we aim with the ROOT stake pool – to provide you, our partner, a trusted pool to place your ADA.

Your funds will remain safe in your wallet and we will never be able to access them.

You should NEVER send your ADA to anyone when delegating – the funds should always stay in your wallet.

Should I delegate to big pools?

We don’t recommend to delegate to the largest staking pools because (i) this could lead to unevenly distributed staking pools where a few large pools dominate the system (besides the security risks this is also opposite to real decentralization) and (ii) the bigger the pool, the rewards are split between more delegatees.