High Performance

All nodes run in the cloud.

Lowest Fees

0.75% + 340 ADA


99.99% uptime

Why choose us?

  • Because the small, independent and performant pools are the ROOT of true decentralization.
  • Our stake pool cluster is secure and monitored 24/7.
  • Stable, low fees.
  • Reliable = No surprises for YOU! Ever!

How to stake with us?

Ticker: ROOT

Pool ID: 756d13b231bedef4d4e7fe498278d51fbd8d091d329d17baeb1d935e

Pool details on adapools.org.

  1. Download one of the below wallets.
  2. Open the delegation section of the wallet.
  3. Search the pool using the Ticker or the Pool ID.
  4. Click on the delegate button.

Important Security Tip

Please do not send your ADA to anyone who claims to be running a staking pool. Delegating to a pool does not involve transferring your ADA, and therefore it does not require you to send them to anywhere. For more information, please visit the official Cardano staking page.